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Pinewood Performing Arts is proud to bring you the highest quality entertainment each summer, and next year our sights are set even higher.

We’ve been entertaining Lincoln since 1949, starting on the steps of Lincoln’s capitol and growing to full-scale musical productions over the next 73 years. A challenge we look forward to every year is finding new ways to keep getting bigger and better. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best show possible, and next year that means renting Pinewood Performing Arts’ first-ever fly system!

With the support received from our community, Pinewood Performing Arts hopes to hoist actors in the air for that magical flying effect! By bringing in rigging, harnesses, wires, and the like, we will work with our unique outdoor amphitheater to create exciting, seamless, and safe moments in our 2023 performance.

With this new equipment comes exciting training opportunities! Our team will collaborate with a professional Flying Director to assist in our local cast and crew's installation, choreography, and training. They will take the time to ensure the fly system is operated safely, providing one on one training with our crew.

Be a part of Pinewood Performing Arts’s history as we fly through the stars in 2023!  We’re hoping to generate $20,000 in contributions to make this dream a reality. This level of assistance would cover the cost of renting the fly system, installation, training, and additional equipment. With your generosity, we know we can make this new level of entertainment possible in Lincoln.

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