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Lied Center for Performing Arts


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Channel 10/11


Lincoln Journal Star

Food for Strike and Light Load-in

Raising Cane's

The Game Changers $5000+

Union Bank and Trust

The Visionaries $2500+



The Energizers $1000+


Clark & Enersen

Sandhills Global

Woods Brothers Realty

Julie & Steve Enersen

Tami Lambie

Aaron & Angela Robinson

Kitt Saathoff

Stu & Karen Spero

The Motivators $500+


T.J. & Kristi Schirmer

Darrell Stock

Tyler Waters

The Dreamers $100+

Joanne Bell

Tom Blankenau

Alice Coleman

Dwayne & Marsha Dvorak

Justin Eisenbeis

Amy Jones

Bill Maltas

Melissa Ramos-Lammli

Rick Reier

Alexandra Roth

Annaliese Saathoff

Grant & Kylee Schirmer

Regina Schirmer

Jenny Tricker & John Linscott

Jay Wilkinson

Karen Freimund Wills

The Believers up to $99

Becky Boesen

Emily Carnes

Scott Clark

Lavonne Elfring

Morrie Enders

Wendy Ferrin

Holden Franken

Chris Goforth

Barbara Griffith

Sara Hakel

Kylie & Mark Hatten

Michelle Hinton

Kimberly Hovendick

Bailey Leuty

Emily Maldavs

Caitie Ninegar

Steve & Liz Pearson

Misty Petersen

Daniel & Shauna Shaefer

Olivia Sis

Zach Stewart

Laura Uridil

Sandy Van Pelt

Jan Vermeer

Deanna Walz

Susan Wilson

We Need You!

Pinewood Performing Arts is a Nebraska 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was started by volunteers. We rely on volunteer support and the generous donations from you and our corporate sponsors. 

Our productions are unique to other theatres because the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheatre is not a traditional theatre.

Concrete floors, concrete walls, no wings, limited entrances, no fly space, no grand curtain, and a larger than life proscenium.


Not to mention that we're outdoors.


What this all means is that we must build from the ground, up. We lay a dance floor for the safety of the actors and dancers. Only then can we place our specially designed and built set on the stage.

Sets that will fill the 75 foot wide, 25 foot deep, and 22 foot high stage. We rent sound and lighting equipment and, with a lot of help, we hoist the lights and speakers into the catwalks. We hand paint our sets and the dance floor. We build costumes for our cast of 40+ actors. We build props.

All this, coupled with the royalty fees, and our production costs run about $80,000 each year. We re-use, re-purpose, and re-cycle what we can. We often donate our sets and props to area camps and high schools. 

We cannot do this without you.

Attn: Marielle Saathoff, Treasurer
Pinewood Performing Arts
PO Box 22266
Lincoln, NE 68542-2266

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