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Everything you need to know when auditioning for Pinewood Performing Arts.

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Disney's TARZAN

Auditions for


March 29th

  • 5:00pm

  • 6:30pm

  • 8:00pm

March 30th

  • 10:00am

  • 12:30pm


Where: Piccoli Dance Theatre - 1233 Arapahoe St Ste 100, Lincoln, NE 68502

Callbacks will be held on Saturday afternoon. You must be age 12 or up to audition.


Performances run July 11-14 and 18-22, 2024 at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park 


Email your 1st and 2nd audition slot preferences to

Pinewood Performing Arts 

What Do I Bring to My Audition:

  • A non-returnable photo

  • A listing of all schedule conflicts you know of (May - July)

  • The completed audition form sent to you when you sign up.


We do ask that there be NO ABSENCES from the last week in June until the close of the show.


Please note: Any questions regarding auditions may be submitted to


For both ensemble and lead character roles, expect to:

  • Sing 16-32 bars of any traditional Broadway musical theatre selection except the show being produced

  • Bring sheet music in the correct key, an accompanist will be provided - NO ACAPELLA AUDITIONS OR PRE-RECORDED TRACKS ALLOWED

  • You may be asked to read from a selected text (character voices encouraged)

  • You are expected to dance - please dress accordingly

The auditions are group-style and have two phases that last approximately 30 - 45 minutes each:

Phase 1: Auditioners will sing, and then after your song, you may be asked to read text from the show or other source material. You will then be measured by the costume - this does not guarantee a role; it simply gives us a jump start on costuming efforts.


Phase 2: Auditioners will learn and perform a dance to music from the show. Please bring dance shoes if you have them (jazz shoes for men, jazz or ballet shoes for women)--if you do not have dance shoes, you do not need to purchase them for the audition; socks or tennis shoes are good alternatives. Please wear clothing that does not restrict your movement - please wear this clothing for the singing portion also - we prefer you do not spend time changing between Phase 1 & 2.


  1. Song choice! When picking an audition song, choose one that you know by heart and that matches the tone of the show you're auditioning for!

  2. Dance like nobody's watching.  We love dancing out at Pinewood!  At our auditions, everyone will dance to a song from the show, but don't fret, all levels of experience are welcome! 

  3. Deep breaths! Callbacks simply mean that we need to see more from you. Don't stress if you don't get one!

  4. It's hard to know what you'll have on the calendar in June, but conflicts are really important!  Make sure to put any possible conflicts between May - July!

  5. Have Fun!  We know auditions can be stressful, but take a deep breath and show us what you've got!



Rehearsals will begin in late May. A rehearsal schedule will be distributed by the first rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually weekday evenings and are initially 3-5 times per week and increase in frequency, as the show dates approach.

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