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Families often arrive out at the park hours ahead of the show in order to stake out their seats and get some dinner from the food trucks. We want to provide themed pre-show activities which encourage them to put down their devices and instead throw a ball, make some art, play a game, etc. We are looking for generous Sponsors and enthusiastic Partners to join us in that work.

Does your company or business seem like a natural fit to one of the themes below? If so, we’d love to begin a conversation with you about being a Theme Night Sponsor. For a gift of only $2,500, you will reach thousands community members with these benefits:

  • "Sponsored by" attribution everywhere your theme night is promoted

  • Prominent signage at Bowl regarding your theme night sponsorship  

  • Acknowledgment in program

  • Company name/logo prominently presented on:

    • Pinewood’s big screen during intermission

    • all printed materials, including a star on our front gate banner

    • Website and all social media

  • Tickets to 2024 Pinewood show

  • Learn more about sponsor benefits here


Our theme night partners include non-profits, small local businesses and individuals who believe in the power of community and are willing to share their time and talent with our audience members. Partners will work in conjunction with our sponsors to provide pre-show activities for people of all ages. 


2024 Theme Nights

Below are planned theme nights during the run of this year's Pinewood Bowl show, Disney's TARZAN. Each evening's activities will be unique and organized with input from its sponsors and partners.

July 11 -
Jungle Night

It's the opening night of TARZAN where the audience will experience his world for the first time. Welcome to the jungle!

July 12 - 
Dance Night

Bring a group from your studio and we'll give you a shout-out from stage. Learn a routine from TARZAN. See the classes offered by a variety of local dance studios.

July 13 - 
Alumni Night

Sponsored by Screamers Family Restaurant

Our alumni will rehearse the National Anthem at 5pm and peform it 8pm to start the show. In between, they will be treated to a reunion featuring fare from the always-amazing Screamers restaurant.

July 14 -
Book Night

We are partnering with the Lincoln City Libraries for "Bring a Book" night at the Bowl. If you forget yours, no worries. The Lincoln City Librairies Bookmobile will be on site so you can check out a book from them.

July 18 -
Game Night

Sponsored by Hobbytown Lincoln

What better way to spend some time together as a family than by playing games! Both board and active games will be on hand.

July 19 -
Green Night

Pinewood Performing Arts loves trees so this night is all about "going green" Patrons can bring worn-out electronics to recycle and purchase items made from upcycled materials. And be sure to wear green!

July 20 -
Art Night

Audience members will have plenty of time before the show to create art with ArtBus LNK, origanmi artist Linda Stephen, and Urban Legends Art Studio. Grab some chalk or a paint spray bottle and do your own thing!

July 21 -
Theater Night

Let us know you're coming with a group which just did - or is doing - a show at another venue and we'll give you a shout-out from stage. Our friends from Lincoln Community Playhouse, Angels Theater Company, Theater Arts for Kids and Blixt Arts Lab will also be on hand to tell you about their upoming seasons, classes and events. 

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